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About Us

Our Workplace Culture, Core Values, and Leadership Team

“We are Veteran Technologist who aspire to create a high-end Technology company, founded on the belief that more focus, dedication, and attention to Technology would better serve our numerous clients. We took our knowledge, discipline, and years of experience in Big Business, and applied it to HumanIT. We are small, but we know that honesty, integrity, expertise, agility, and lots of hard work are the keys to success!”

Workplace Culture

The Technology community is a very broad and fast growing discipline where finding and maintaining great resources are rare.  HumanIT Solutions takes this challenge head on by recruiting top notch talent, offering great benefits, providing opportunities for continuous education, and most importantly providing a positive work environment.

Core Values

Honesty – Foster Open and Honest Relationships

Integrity – Be Deliberate and Responsible

Excellence – Exhibit Passion and Determination

Respect – Appreciate Differences and Embrace Open Collaboration

Diversity – Provide an Unbiased and Fair-minded Work Environment

Compassion – Support Family, Friends, and the Community

Meet Our Leadership

Mark Human

Mark Human

President, Chief Executive Officer

Mark is a United States Air Force Veteran Technologist with over 20+ years of experience integrating and implementing secure enterprise IT solutions with customers in the Department of Defense and in the Commercial industry.

Mark had a vision of being more focused on truly meeting customers’ needs while ensuring their most important assets are protected. A leader who continually challenges himself and his team, bringing in new and high demand technology areas for certifications and education such as AWS Architect training, CDMP, CIMP, CISSP, PMP and Cybersecurity Technology training. Mark has earned a Master of Science in Cybersecurity Technology.

Mark gives back to the community as an active member of Air Force Communications and Electronics Agency (AFCEA), Technology First, Salute Military Golf Association (SMGA) Wounded Veterans and Dayton Special Olympics. He mentors a Native American Small Disadvantaged 8a Company’s Business Development Lead and Project Manager–helping them build relationships across the Air Force community and local area.

Mark leads by example and creates a culture that provides client delivery, consultation and business development.